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Knollcrest Lodge
Address : 50 William St
Telephone : 519-595-8121
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   Welcome to Knollcrest Lodge

Milverton Place Open House! 

See Below!

January 18, 1pm - 3pm
January 21, 3pm - 5pm
January 25, 1pm - 3pm

January 29, 3pm-5pm
February 1, 1pm-3pm
February 4, 3pm-5pm
February 8, 1pm-3pm

We are excited to be holding an Open House for 3 of our model suites!  Suites available for tours include; 101, 109 (one bedroom) and 110 (two bedroom).  
Stop by Milverton Place for a tour of these amazing homes!  Milverton Place offers spacious living with 1 or 2 bedrooms and large windows throughout!


Please Call Susan Rae at 519-595-8121 ext. 102 
for more information. See Below for more information


Milverton Place
Reserve your Home today-
Only 8 Units left!

We are excited as we near completion on our 55+ Adult Building with one and two bedroom suites starting at $179,000 located adjacent to Knollcrest Lodge, Milverton & District Medical Centre and Community Outreach.

Milverton Place will be a fully accessible building with a common room lounge, Programs and Services, four appliances and ensuite laundry.

Residents are able to enjoy the many amenities we have to offer including services through Community Outreach such as; Meals on Wheels, Perth East Transportation, Foot Care Clinics, Volunteer Transportation, Emergency Response System, CHAP Blood Pressure clinics, Seniors Day Out & Dining Programs, Urban Polling, "S.W.I.F.T Exercise Classes, Indoor Walking Club, Friendly Visiting, Stop and Shop!





Knollcrest Lodge opened in 1972 as a result of local people responding to a need to look after its own people.  We take pride in the excellent quality of Care that we deliver to our residents and their families.  We also take a special pride in our involvement and integration with the area we serve. 

We employ about 80 full- and part-time staff, and with an annual operating budget approaching $4 million, we are one of the largest economic contributors in the region.

Knollcrest Lodge is a non-profit charitable organization with a long history of successful support from many generous donors; this support has allowed us to add many benefits to both our Residents and the Community over the years.  We also enjoy the contributions of over 200 bighearted volunteers.

Today, Knollcrest Lodge is a multi-faceted organization offering many programs and services for the community:

  Knollcrest Lodge is an excellent 78-bed Long Term Care home, and we consistently achieve high standards of compliance.  The Home offers high quality care and programs delivered by a professional staff, and in 2008 we opened our new resident home areas that has enhanced the living environment for more comfort, dignity and privacy. 
  Community Outreach delivers eleven varied programs and services to area residents to enable them to live independently in their own homes.  One of the key services we provide is transportation, vital in a rural area. We help people can get around for, shopping, appointments, or just visiting friends
  The Milverton and District Medical Centre opened in the lower level of the Knollcrest building in 2001 as a result of a tremendous community effort to convert available space in the Home to a vital community asset, and retain local primary healthcare - two physicians and their staff
  As part of the redevelopment process, Knollcrest has developed available Lease Space for additional on-site services and programs for the community.  More healthcare services in this space would greatly complement the Medical Centre
  We are planning to develop Milverton Place, a 12-unit seniors Life Lease apartment complex that will have supports available from Community Outreach.  7 Units are currently SOLD!
Enjoy your visit to our website, and come back often to see new information.  Please contact us if you have any questions.  Our commitment to the community and the care of our residents is reflected in all we do, and that's why we say at Knollcrest Lodge:




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