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Knollcrest Lodge
Address : 50 William St
Telephone : 519-595-8121
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Therapeutic Tubs...

Knollcrest Lodge is currently fundraising for 
2 new Therapeutic Tubs!


As a long term home care home we require specialized equipment that allows us to keep our residents calm and comfortable to provide the best care possible.  Currently we are in need of two therapeutic tubs and a bath stretcher as our current tubs are about 20 years old and need to be replaced.  

The new therapeutic tubs will help relieve pain, help prevent skin break down, encourage circulation and provide relaxation therapy for our residents.

We will be holding a Pork Dinner on
Wed. Aug. 27 from 5pm-7pm.
Cost of tickets:
Adult $12.00
5 and under Free

The cost per tub is $26,000 and the Stretcher bath chair is $18,000.
We have currently raised enough money from Grants, Fundraisers, and Donations to purchase one tub!!!

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