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Knollcrest Lodge
Address : 50 William St
Telephone : 519-595-8121
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MILVERTON LIONS CLUB makes a Donation to the “Renewal of Knollcrest” at the recent Open House held in February 2008.

Shown Left to Right are Lions Members and Knollcrest Board Members
Back Row: Rolf Goebel, Doug Fyfe, Dr. John Spiers – Medical Director, Karen Simmons, Stewart Mayberry
Front Row: Bud Gerber – Lions President, Susan Rae – CEO, Lorraine Kuepfer and Dave Shearer

Knollcrest Lodge is a non-profit charitable organization.  Fundraising is essential for us to maintain the high level of quality in all the programs and services we deliver, not just in Long-Term Care, but in all areas of the community.  We continue to believe that the best care is achieved by being progressive and considerate of all the people we serve.

Your help can have a significant impact on our capacity to provide the very best for those people who need and deserve our assistance.

Areas that can be supported in Knollcrest:
Community Outreach
Wellness Centre
If you would like to make a donation to Knollcrest, please contact Susan to discuss the various opportunities available.
Success Story: updated September 2, 2008
The Renewal of Knollcrest - $600,000 campaign
This high profile campaign was launched in 2003 and carried the highest profile of all Knollcrest’s fundraising efforts to date.  The response from the community was overwhelming with donations from individuals, organizations, and businesses. The results: 2 new wings are bright and warm, adding privacy, dignity and comfort to residents.

Community Outreach
Within Community Outreach, donors have the opportunity to assist in the expansion and provision of these valued services through their generous donation.  You can specify a service or area that your would like to support.  Your gift will enable out agency to provide personalized service to more individuals.

New office space
Community Outreach is currently raising funds to develop a new office space under the newly constructed North Wing of Knollcrest Lodge.  All donations are greatly appreciated.

Wellness Centre
Community Wellness is a high priority for Knollcrest Lodge.  The best method to develop local wellness is to continually collaborate with other healthcare and service delivery organizations – partners in Community Wellness.  As part of Knollcrest’s commitment to community wellness, the redevelopment project has included construction of additional space for use by Knollcrest partners.  Currently Local Midwives have begun construction of the “New Midwives Centre” on site at Knollcrest.

To Make a Donation, please contact the Office by calling:
Telephone: 519-595-8121 ext. 102

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