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Knollcrest Lodge
Address : 50 William St
Telephone : 519-595-8121
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Planned Giving

By remembering Knollcrest Lodge in your estate and financial planning, you will be supporting the long-term future of the home and its services.
All planned gifts are recognized in a special way at Knollcrest, unless you wish otherwise.

Click here to download our Planned Giving brochure, and print it for your records and future reference. 

Types of Planned Gifts
The following is a brief overview of some of the various giving options that are available. We encourage you to consult your own legal and financial counsel in the development of your own financial or estate plan.

Making a specific gift to a charity (a bequest) can be done through your Will, or can be done by writing an amendment called a Codicil to your existing Will, specifying either a percentage or specific dollar amount. You can bequeath a portion of your estate and still provide for your family and loved ones.

Recent changes to Canada Revenue Agency regulations allow you to make a gift of stocks or shares to a charitable organization, while retaining the full value of the gift for the purposes of deduction, and avoiding capital gains taxation.

Cash Gifts
Substantial Cash Gifts remain a viable option for any donor.  You may wish to pledge a large amount and spread the gift over a number of years - this has occurred several times in the past.  As always, we welcome the opportunity to discuss this if you are considering donating in this way.

For more information about Planned Giving, please call 519-595-8121 Ext. 102, or e-mail our CEO, Susan Rae.















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