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Knollcrest Lodge
Address : 50 William St
Telephone : 519-595-8121
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Long Term Care

 Knollcrest Lodge
Providing high quality Long-Term Care since 1972

Welcome to our Home!

Knollcrest Lodge represents much more than Long-Term Care for this area.  The Home reflects the rural values that we all grew up with, neighbour helping neighbour, friendship and mutual comfort.

Knollcrest Lodge is a charitable, not-for-profit Home, and we place all our resources into maintaining the well-being of those who live here.

Care in this Home is provided by compassionate, professional individuals who place the Residents above all else in health, comfort, dignity, and quality of life.  We earn consistent and high reviews from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care for the quality of our services.  As a result, we see ourselves as the Home Of Choice in this area. 

Our recently completed redevelopment project has transformed the living environment for all Residents, and enhances their daily experience.  We now have a large number of private rooms and more individual privacy.

There is more space for all activities and we have received a provincial grant to boost the entertainment facilities for our residents. 

On behalf of the residents, volunteers, staff, management and Board of Directors of Knollcrest Lodge, we thank our many donors and individuals for the phenomenal community response to our fundraising efforts by direct donation.

Cook Books are still available as a fundraising initiative for $15.00.

We look forward to the next decade in our beautiful new home.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Dave Shearer, Board Chair
Susan Rae, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

High quality care and services for over 35 years... 


Professional staff to give personal attention to you and peace of mind to your family, dedicated to providing the best care and services


A relaxed and cheerful atmosphere with warm and caring people
  A comfortable place to call Home

  Palliative/Family Room Available

  A Registered Nurse on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  Private, Semi-private and Basic Accommodation for 78 Residents 

  In-house physician visits

  In-house dental assessment/cleaning

  In-house hairdressing twice/week
  In-house banking service
  Foot Care Clinic
  Regular Physiotherapy consultations

  A full range of restorative care programs for all Residents

  Three excellent Home-cooked meals with choices daily
  Three nutrition breaks
  Regular nutrition consultations with a Dietician
  Special meals as required
  Guest meals upon request
  Catering for special occasions 
  Programs seven days per week (Monthly Calendar of Events)
  Bus outings in our air-conditioned mobility bus
  Weekly Bible and Church services

  Chapel on-site

  Beautiful greenhouse
  Gardening activities
  Residents' Council

  Parties and celebrations 
  Music Therapy 
  Continuing to attempt establishment of a Family Council


Knollcrest Lodge opened its doors in 1972 and admitted its first Long-Term Care Residents.
  Knollcrest has over 200 Volunteers who help to provide governance, committees, fundraising, activities, music, and recreation.
  Knollcrest Lodge is also the home of Community Outreach, delivering a wide range of services to those in the area who need some help to remain independent.
...we are a vibrant and caring community!

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