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Knollcrest Lodge
Address : 50 William St
Telephone : 519-595-8121
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Volunteering Opportunities

Knollcrest Lodge & Community Outreach is always looking for volunteers!

Volunteers form a vital part of our services to the community.  Volunteers are involved in many ways... bingo nights, eye glass cleaners, one to one visitors, fundraisers, delivering Meals on Wheels, and driving clients to appointments just to name a few.

We are very proud of our many volunteers who have contributed help both Knollcrest Lodge and Community Outreach every year.  Our volunteers provide us with the "gift of time".  Everyday there are people who volunteer their time endlessly and we are so very thankful of them. 

Our volunteer population consists of men and women of all ages - youth, student's, adults and older adults.

Are you recently retired, want to keep involved, or have an extra hour a week to spare...?  Volunteering with our organization is a wonderful opportunity.

Please see the attached volunteer opportunities that are available within Knollcrest Lodge & Community Outreach Services.

It's easy to become a volunteer:
Complete an application form (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD PRINTABLE PDF)
Provide three character references
Sign a statement of confidentiality
Obtain a Police Reference Check


Aging @ Home

Community Outreach is the Lead Agency for this Aging @ Home project that promotes volunteerism in Huron and Perth Counties.  This project is funded through the Aging @ HOme initiatives of the South West LHIN.  There are six partner agencies:  Stratford Meals on Wheels and Neighbourly Services, Mitchell and Area Community Outreach, St. Marys Home Support, Town and Country Support Services and Midwestern Adult Day Services.  This proposal enable each agency to strengthen their volunteer management program through the provision of Volunteer Coordinators and a Lead Volunteer Coordinator (Delia Huitema).  It enables each agency to build capacity for their services. 

For more information, please call:
519-595-8755 or
519-595-8121 ext. 108

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