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Knollcrest Lodge
Address : 50 William St
Telephone : 519-595-8121
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Knollcrest Lodge



Meal Time Helpers - both meals, any day

BINGO on Saturdays - 1 hour

Craft Time Helper Friday Mornings - 1 hour

Wii Bowling assistant

Entertainment on Monday afternoons - assistance needed

Friendly Visiting - 1-1 visits with residents

Fun and Fitness Piano Player for one hour a week


If you have a talent you would like to share, please call and talk with us about volunteering.

Volunteering Opportunities at Knollcrest Lodge

Fundraising Committee: Assist in setting goals and planning community fundraising for the organization through the year.  (Ask us about other committees in our organization, too.)


Fundraising Events - Volunteer to help with Bingo's and Walk-a-thons, the major fundraising events at Knollcrest.

Meal Time Helpers - Assist residents with their meals as many time a week as you wish.  Assistance needed at both noon and supper meals for approximately one hour.

Auxiliary -  Help the Auxiliary set their own goals for resident-focused events each year.  This group has been an active part of the Knollcrest environment for more than 36 years.  They assist with a variety of resident focused activities throughout the year and plan fundraising events that will benefit our residents.  Time commitment varies depending on time of year.  The group meets once every two months.
Outings - Help our residents and assist the staff on outings to expand the residents' horizons. 
Swimming - Join our residents once a week in the summer for an hour of swimming - a great way to stay cool!
Weekly Tea - Serve our residents snacks, while socializing with them and brightening their day!
Playing Cards & Games - Do you enjoy games? If so, weekly, monthly or occasional volunteers are needed.

Gardener - Help keep the outside of Knollcrest pleasant for both resident and community enjoyment.

Pet Therapy - Volunteer monthly to bring in small pets to visit residents.
Manicures - Lighten someone's day by giving them a manicure!

Swing Bowling - This weekly activity is both fun & challenging for residents.  The volunteer will assist residents through encouragement, cheering them on, while getting to know them better.   Time commitiment:  1 hour per week.



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