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Knollcrest Lodge
Address : 50 William St
Telephone : 519-595-8121
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Community Outreach



Regular or Occassional driver to deliver to Tralee at Noon
Occassional or Regular at Noon to Milverton, Newton, Atwood or Brunner
Volunteers are reimbursed mileage for rural routes.

Friendly Visitors
Visit seniors in their home a couple hours a month. Play games, chat or have coffee. Help a senior reduce feeling lonely and improve their quailty of life.

Assist Clients to and from medical appointments and errands. Flexible time committments and schedules. Volunteers are reimbursed for mileage.



For information please call 519-595-8755





Volunteering Opportunities at Community Outreach


Meals on Wheels - Deliver hot, nutritious meals to seniors and adults with disabilities who have difficulty preparing their own.  You can make deliveries as often as your
schedule permits - 1 hour per day, week or month!

Volunteer Driving - Occasional and regular drivers are needed to provide rides to clients for appointments and running errands.  Time commitment is dependent on client trip details.
Seniors Day Out - Be a host - greeting and assisting at dinners, or a call coordinator who contacts clients about upcoming dinners; help plan dinners, serve and set up. Make new friends, have fun and help provide a valuable service in your community.  There are many opportunities available throughout the month.  Time commitment is 2-3 hours per event.
Telephone Reassurance - Have friendly phone chats with seniors; add to their security and peace of mind, and help them feel that they are still involved in our community. Time commitment is daily phone calls to client/s.
"SWIFT" Exercise Leader - Become a SWIFT class leader; encourage seniors to stay active.  (Training provided.) Time commitment is one hour per class - per week, plus set up
Home Maintenance & Repair - We need friendly, skilled tradespeople to work with our clients on repair and maintenance jobs around the house.  As needed.
Friendly Visiting - Visit one-to-one with a client who lives alone; be a regular companion and relieve loneliness. Time commitment is one hour per visit with clients per week.

Brunch Bunch Programs -  First or Third Thursday of each month.  Help with set up, food prep,clean up, socialize and have LOTS OF FUN!  -  2 hour commitment

Eucherama- Third Thursday of every month. Help in the kitchen with food prep and clean up, greet and sell tickets at the door, help set up tables, runner for prizes or fill in playing cards when needed. Program runs from 10-3pm at the PERC.

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