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Knollcrest Lodge
Address : 50 William St
Telephone : 519-595-8121
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 Physiotherapy Alliance Clinic

Physiotherapy Alliance sercvices are available in Milverton for Community  for anyone who requires physio.  Their professionalism and experience is a true asset to this community, providing local access and in many instances, eliminating drives to other communities.

Physiotherapy Alliance is leasing space from Knollcrest for their clinic.  The addition of this Professional Service to the Milverton area is a step in the right direction for the community.

What patients are saying:
"It is really nice that we don't have to travel to Stratford anymore for therapy."

"We should have had this service years ago."

"Michael is really good and knows his stuff."

The office is open every Wednesday and Thursday. 

For appointments call:  519-595-2072


Country Midwives Clinic is here...

Country Midwives are located at 50 William Street in Milverton. 

Their new office space is spacious, accessible and will meet the needs of the community well.

PDHU Dental Clinic...

For more information call 519-271-7600

Blood Testing...Lab
Open to the public from 7:30am-10:30am
Appointments are prefered.
Walk-ins accepted till 9:30 

For more information or to book an appointment please call 519-595-8755



Pamer Chiropractor... 
Open on Wed. from 9am-2pm


To book an appointment call 519-747-1032
On Wed. mornings please call 519-505-7600


Lease space available...

Approximately 4,000 square feet of leasable space was accommodated in the redevelopment plans at Knollcrest Lodge.  This space is located on the lower (ground) level at the north of the building, under the new Long-Term Care northwest wing.  It is ideal for professionals, especially in the healthcare field, with its proximity to the Milverton & District Medical Centre. 

For more information about available lease space, please contact
Knollcrest Lodge:
Tel: 519-595-8121 Ext. 102 
Susan Rae

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