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Knollcrest Lodge
Address : 50 William St
Telephone : 519-595-8121
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Board, Mission, Corporate Statements

Gary Byrd
Bernadine Ersil
Doug Fyfe
Rolf Goebel
Dave Shearer
Karen Simmons
Sharon Roes
Chris Donnelly

Susan Rae, CEO



"All Residents have the right to live with dignity and privacy in secure comfortable surroundings; respecting their choices in regards to Physical, Psychological, Social, Spiritual and Cultural need."

Knollcrest Lodge is a leading long-term care home providing: 
Quality care and service to residents, staff and community in a respectful, caring,
home-like environment
Collaborating with and recognizing health and community organizations in the development of housing and service options
Decisions made by Knollcrest Board of Directors and staff, are based on our values.
When making ethical decisions, we consider:
Risks to the residents, staff, key stakeholders, and the operations of the home
Well being and the rights and choices of the individuals 
The financial capability of the client and the home
Our duty of service to determine if the decision is feasible and act accordingly 
Opportunity costs 
Equality and non-discrimination
Vision: What we will always be 
Excellent service provider that covers a full range of housing, care and lifestyle options 
Values: How we serve
Inspired by the satisfaction of our residents and clients we continue to look for excellence in our individual care
Give our best each day
Work as a team focusing on the person 
Be creative
Open to learn
Building for future  
Listen and hear
Encourage independence
All individuals 
Honest and open
Accept diversity  
Give from heart
Sustaining the spirit 
Understand and anticipate hopes, needs and realities

STRATEGIC DIRECTIONS (developed:  October 2007, Reviewed September 2010) 

  Linkages to the community will be strengthened to ensure that the community sees Knollcrest as an active partner in building Milverton and Perth East through partnership with hospitals, cultural groups, CCAC, educational facilities, MOHLTC, the LHINs, MOL and community agencies in order that resident care and service needs are met
  Marketability of Knollcrest Lodge as a long term care home of excellence will be strengthened which will increase our credibility with community and donors 
  Management and improvement of complex medical, social and lifestyle wellness care will result in positive quality of life outcomes for our residents and clients
  Risk will continue to be managed through our formal and informal processes in order that the Home is safe and secure for residents to live in and staff, managers, volunteers and physicians to work in
  The culture of safety will continue to be strengthened in the Home
  Quality of Worklife and Workplace Wellness will be addressed in order to retain and recruit staff, managers, volunteers and physicians.
  Infection Control program continues to evolve as per societal needs.

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